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Our Mission:


Our focus is to empower students through the arts, athletics, and academics. Art is expressive, reflective, and promotes a healthier mind & soul. It teaches us to think creatively, to be risk takers, and how to relax in a stressful world! 


Our Programs

We aim to offer a variety of unique programs so that every child can find the right fit to learn and express themselves. All of our programs provide a safe, fun, creative learning environment for every child.


Art Program

In our Art Program, students will have the opportunity to learn, explore, and create. They will gain hands on experience utilizing a variety of art mediums, allowing them to express their personal creativity.

Musical Theatre

This year’s spring production,Rainbow Fish the Musical, is a timeless tail that takes place on a coral reef beneath the ocean waves. Performers will also experience set design, costume creation, as well as sound and lighting technique. 

Just Dance

Movin’ n Groovin’! Poppin’ n Hoppin’!  Just Dance will introduce and teach your child the many forms of dance from classic cultural to modern contemporary. Their confidence will soar as they build their skills to share with others and showcase them in our holiday and spring productions.

Ooey Gooey Science

Pop! Splat! Bam! Your child will be wowed, amazed, and inspired as they test the limits of science and their own curiosity. We will bring out their inner-Einstein in this engaging hands-on program.

Publisher’s Playhouse

Do you like to write? Awesome! Do you despise writing? Awesome!  This program is for you! Your child will fall in the love with “The Art of Writing”  as they create their own adventures, comics, cartoons, poems and songs, as well as publish stories in many forms. They may even get discovered as a young author. Let us take your child on this fun-filled journey, that they will want to experience over and over again. The possibilities are endless.

Summer camp

Have a blast this summer with Kabloom Summer Camp! We offer a variety of summer camp options, including CreARTive Camp, Sports & Splash Camp, and Just Dance Camp.


Our Mission

Our focus is to empower every child to embrace their creative side. Our goal is for our students to discover themselves through self-expression, growth, and exploring their passions. We teach engaging, hands-on lessons that allow students to embrace their curiosity and independence.

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Our Impact

We aim to leave a lasting impact on our students and community. Kabloom is committed to education, empowering youth, and spreading the joy of the arts. We have already accomplished so much and we can’t wait to keep improving our programs, community outreach, and student interaction.



Years “Kablooming”

Kabloom has been blooming since 2013 and continues to grow stronger each year with deeper roots. Six years of amazing memories and unforgettable creations.



Years In Education

Our Director, Cindy Bohn, has been an educator for over 30 years. She has taught all elementary levels and has been a fine arts teacher for the past 13 years. Her love for education and knowledge of teaching is at the core of what makes Kabloom what it is today.



Children impacted

What an honor and great responsibility to have impacted so many children since Kabloom opened our doors and hearts to eager children. Our target is to inspire children... to learn, explore, take risks, and most importantly, look at mistakes as opportunities to grow and discover their true potential.


Join the Family

We love expanding our Kabloom Family. Our community is one of the most important parts of Kabloom and we would love for you to join us!



Is your child looking for a new, fun and engaging experience? Find the program that is just right for your unique kiddo.

Volunteer opportunities

We couldn’t do this without our wonderful volunteers. If you are a high school student looking to grow and develop your leadership skills, become a Team Leader!


We support our students’ growth in any way we can. Scholarships are available on a need basis. Apply below.